David is a handsome and charming man aged 43.  A victim of a motorcycle accident in March 1996, he is indefatigable. “I always took it well. Just for my loved ones. For them, my parents in particular, it was hard to say that I will be my whole life in a wheelchair. I regret nothing. I love my life. And life is beautiful.”

Finally, the financial aspect of life is not all smiles. “To have money, you have to show yourself,” he says with a shy little smile. And I’m not like that. I am rather reserved. Besides, it’s not a media sport. We talk about it before the Olympics, but the rest of the time, there is nobody, only our motivation. We are alone against all.

“David Franek has also been playing basketball for 17 years. “It’s pretty good for the handbike season.” His team, Corbeil-Essonnes, consistently competes in Nationale 1B playoffs, where they are currently in the lead.

There too, it smiles.