The project “Little Stars” published in Dodho Magazine (February 2022)

Interview with the Greek Magazine Ampa (December 2021)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum” published by AAP MAGAZINE (June 2021)

The projects Unfabled Circus”, Little stars” and ReenactorsPURPLEHAZE MAGAZINE BOOK 003

The printed edition, and web editionBerlin, Germany (Spring-Summer 2020)

The photo report about opera Rock Opera “Bloody Brains in a Juke Box” by Coney Island theater troupe. “” (03/05/2020)

The project “Unfabled cirrus” published by FOTODOC (04.21/2020)

The project Dance With Closed Eyes, “The Phoblographer“, USA (06/18/2019) 

The projects “Sisters” and “The champion after an accident”, “FOTODOC“, Russia (01/17/2018)

The Project Me, Natasha, “Paris Match Magazine” The printed edition, and web edition, Paris, France (01/26/2017)

More articles, interviews, and projects made for “Paris Match”, France (09/2014 -01/2016) :

The project “First look at America”,  “Special project”, Russia (01/2017)

The project “Transvestites”, “Bird In Flight”, Russia (12/23/2015)

The project “Simplicity Syndrome” , “博客天下  Chinese news magazine”, China (10/2014)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum”, China magazine “”, China (09/22/2014)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum”, “”, Russia (08/2014)

The project “Little stars”, “The Eye of Photography” France, (07/26/2014)

The project “Rite of Christening”, China magazine “IMGII”, China (07/2014)

The project “Simplicity Syndrome”, “”, Russia, (08/17/2013)

The project “Reenactors”, “The Big City Magazine”, Russia (08/2013)

The project “Little stars” “National Geographic”, USA (05/2013)

The project “Russian portraits”, “The Village”, Russia (04/2013)

The project “Russian portraits”, “The Big City Magazine” Russia (04/29/2013)

The project “Psychiatric Asylum”, “”, Russia (04/17/2013)

The project “Blind Photographers”, “”, Czech Republic (03/2013)

The project “My friend Masha”, “Newslab”, Russia (01/23/2013)

The project “Little stars”, “CNN”, USA (08/15/2012)

The  project “Daniel”, “CNN”, USA (10/13/2012)

The project “Daniel”, “World Press Photo”, Netherlands (2012)

The book with the project “Daniel”, “World Press Photo”, Netherlands (2012)

 The project “Transvestites”, “”, Russia (06/17/2012)

The project “Simplicity Syndrome”, “The Big City Magazine”, Russia (02/21/2012)

The projects “Little stars” and “My friend Masha”, “Silver Camera Award”, Russia (2011-2012)

The project “Little stars”, “YonneMag”, France (2011)

The project “Reflections”, BBC.RU, Russia (02/03/2009)

 The project “Russian Portraits”, BBC.RU, Russia (12/16/2008)