The society that is often in the state of half-oblivion and submerged in its own problems needs an “injection” to open its eyes to reality and help avoid cruelty and isolation. While working on this project in Russia, I met many families that have experienced sorrow, which has touched their lives with new feelings. The mothers of children born with this particular syndrome are carrying out their own life sentence. I spent time with different families in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg and lived in the village “Svetlana”, which is organized for people with special needs. All of the necessary amenities were provided so that children could study, develop, and live a full, valuable life. They baked bread, took care of animals, built houses, and created and communicated beautiful feelings. During all the time I worked on the film, I came to love those people and their world – so deep, beautiful, different, sensitive, open, and sincere at the same time. I heard poems and sayings, so strong and impressive – I still hear them in my mind.
I remember the story of one boy. He looked completely insane and acted such that nobody thought that he could understand, cooperate, or be with other people. Once, after he had done something strange, the social workers started to discuss who was going to bring him up. At this moment his eyes became clear, he looked at them deeply and, understanding everything, and even more unsettling, he said: “Too many shepherds for one sheep.” These people are not like others. They behave differently, but sometimes their world is much deeper, more delicate, and surprising.
It is necessary to learn how to live with open eyes, without cruelty and isolation, opening our hearts to others with love, compassion, and grace.  Like humans do.