Every day, they eagerly await their chance to slip into meticulously crafted personas, meticulously curated down to the smallest detail. From handcrafted garments to meticulously recreated household items, they spare no effort in bringing history to life. And when the transformation is complete, it’s a moment of pure euphoria – a celebration of stepping into a new reality.

Their chosen rendezvous point is no ordinary space; it’s a meticulously curated stage set, meticulously adorned with historically accurate relics. Sheepskins, haystacks, wooden carts, and canvas shelters set the scene, transporting participants to another era. This time, the gathering unfolds near Pskov, amid the summer sun’s warmth. Traveling from far and wide, enthusiasts from across Russia converge, some even arriving by tour bus from Saint Petersburg, laden with authentic artifacts.

One participant, a middle-aged man, shares his sentiment: “It’s an escape from reality, a chance to step away from the mundane and embrace something extraordinary. Here, we live and breathe a different world, free from the constraints of modern life.”