The Enrichment Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina helps adults with life-long intellectual and developmental disabilities develop social skills through an arts-based program that stresses creativity and collaboration.

The Center serves nearly 100 local individuals and their families, empowering them through art, education, and employment. From the first minute I stepped into the center, I felt that I was surrounded by some perfect, unquestioning love that was felt in everything.

This is a place where there is no indifference, where everyone lives as one warm, happy family, supporting each other. Students here learn, communicate, and create incredible beauty in all areas of art.

Here are found only those people who really love their work and invest in it with all their hearts. The students here are very interesting and gifted people. Each of them has a special talent in some particular area of art.

Joni was happy to participate in creative activity in the center. She worked for another business that cleaned the building, She like wearing beautiful woman dress and to do crafts from different materials with her own hands.

Dancing and singing, acting on the stage, creating incredibly beautiful decorations, writing poetry, taking pictures, drawing. People with these diverse talents have found a second chance at life, the opportunity to realize themselves, and also help those who are just looking for the way.