Every morning they awake at dawn for prayer, but ordinary human life was not unnatural for them either. The nun liked to tell stories about broken hearts and men she conquered in her younger years.

The priest, her son, liked to visit one recluse in particular who lived a poor and solitary life. They drank a little, watched many movies about snipers, and after this they shared their fantasies about the life of superheroes. And partly, it is not surprising that they have such thoughts – the priest has only recently turned 20, and the recluse is only in his early thirties. They are both just discovering the world – human and spiritual at the same time.

There were also many young, beautiful, and enlightened men and women living in the monastery. These people told me about how they lived, and how they have found God. It has always been that something special, bright, and particular happened and guided them in this direction. I remember the words of one monk who said that we were like naughty children – we are playing and not obeying our mother who has been calling us to come home.

But afterlife hurts us, we will cry and look for our mother. Like this, people find their way to God.