She has not allowed this tragedy to change her joyful lifestyle. Masha is incredibly passionate about helping people with special needs with projects like “Handicap-friendly cities.” With this project, she is working to make the streets of Russian cities accessible to people with disabilities. She teaches handicapped children art and prepares them to lead full, independent lives. Extraordinary events are common in her life. She often travels alone in a wheelchair, managing this with one hand while holding her suitcase with the other. She overcomes difficult situations with a charming smile and shares her good mood with everyone around her. She has an innate ability to make others feel strong. Her incredible talent brings out the best in everyone. She helps people see themselves differently and to discover a new world, and abilities they didn’t know they had.  Masha is a wonderful person, a girl for whom nothing is impossible. She has a light spirit and strong personality, and she doesn’t know disappointment. She lives life more fully than many people of her age.