Everyone met his or her own hero of the project whom they loved the most.

Of the children who surrounded me, Stas stood out on the first day of our arrival in the center of the disabled children in Korolev.

Stas is an extraordinarily kind, smart boy. He comes from a large family with many children, but he has never seen his parents.

Due to his parents’ drug use, he was born with only one leg and a deformed hand and nose. He is very active and runs faster than many completely healthy children his age. He is sensitive and can find answers to the most difficult questions many adults don’t even consider.

His bright eyes seem to contain incredible wisdom and maturity. He has overcome many trials, but he is full of light and joy for every coming day.

Having been with the children for a few days, we felt as if we saw this world through new eyes and tried to share this feeling and to tell the world so everyone may share it.

“Life in motion” International (New York) and the “Artist” Foundations (Moscow) organized a unique photo exhibition at the International Center of Photography in New York and in The Moscow Multimedia Art Museum at the end of the project.