Fabienne Haustant is a young woman with a visual handicap. Passionate about dancing, she founded the association “Dance with Closed Eyes” with the aim of breaking the barriers and preconceptions established around disabilities in general.
It is the translation of emotions through body expression and inventiveness.

Dancing with a headband multiplies the sensations of release, lightness and also allows us to discover new emotions. This is not a therapeutic approach, but a way to find harmony with oneself and regain self-esteem and self-confidence.
We work on choreographic improvisation exercises. There are no discriminating views between us due to who we are: young people in difficulty, autistic people, wheelchair users, sighted or blind people.
Dancing with closed eyes allows us to forge strong communication links between us. Malaise is a troubling situation. Dancing with closed eyes one finds what one has lost, one sees nothing and one feels good.
“I am optimistic, I like to go forward and I did not want to cut myself off from a happy life because of this difficulty…
I wanted to live like the others and I refused the posture of victimization and isolation. On the contrary, I have taken the opposite approach to move
in the direction of self-fulfillment and realization.“