Andrew is married to a woman, despite the fact that intimacy with men has always attracted him more. His wife does not share his enthusiasm, and he hides it. Andrew is going through something very difficult. He can’t find a partner or several partners, who would understand his passion and still treat him seriously. He is looking for real feelings.



Valeria lives with his girlfriend, whom he soon plans to marry. His girlfriend understands and shares the passion of her future husband, helping him to do the unusual make-up and match outfits. She believes that men should be allowed to play something; otherwise they go to other women.



From childhood, Vera has felt like a woman. His first experience was at age 6 in kindergarten. His friend offered to give him oral sex, which he gladly accepted. Now he lives with a female friend, who works as a prostitute, and with her little son. Vera plans to find a boyfriend soon and move in with him to build a happy family.



Dasha is interested in art and lives a creative life. Changing to a woman is his secret passion, he likes to put his photos on the Internet. In this way, he meets women who are tired of their dull family lives and are looking for new and unique experiences.



Gioconda arrived from Ulan-Ude and literally conquered the world with his incredible ability to create unusual women’s clothing, and with his incredible singing ability and showmanship. He makes creative videos and playing in clubs with his own programs. Gioconda told me that in small towns, people with a non-standard orientation are marginalized and cannot be their true selves. After moving to Moscow, Gioconda was attacked in the street by an armed man, an opponent of her activities and art. After this, he immediately moved to New York where he found a permanent, safe home.



Kate lives with his mother and is dreaming of finding a girl who would perceive him not just as a man, but as a woman too. The first time he felt the desire to become a woman was when his mother, along with her friend, dressed him in women’s clothing to get into a restaurant which allowed only women. After that, reincarnation became his main passion.



Xenia takes hormones but does not want to undergo surgery yet, as he is interested in diverse sexual life. He is looking for partners both men and women, and arranges group meetings in his home and believes that in the sexual sphere of life, one must not be too restricted. In 2013 Xenia committed suicide.